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Perspectives Teaser

Big News!

I have won and AWARD! To be more specific it's O GANHO DO SOM AWARD 2014.
As they explain in their post on facebook:
"O Ganho do Som Award aims to support audio post-production of films which have standed out for their creativity and originality, leveraging them to a quality level provided by a sound of excellence.

O Ganho do Som will be in charge of all the sound design of this very short film, which soon you will be able to watch - and LISTEN!"

Mean while, I have been re-editing my short and altering some of the animation, not much or I would be tempted to do  a completly new animation short. :D

So, now, after a month or two of hard work from both parts trying to improve the short, now you can have access to the TEASER!!! Stay put, the big news are coming!

Huuuhuu! Novidades Fresquinhas!
Ganhei o PRÉMIO d' O GANHO DO SOM 2014 .

O Prémio O Ganho do Som pretende apoiar na produção áudio filmes que se destaquem pela sua cr…