My first time

Today I had the opportunity to "play" with Mari. Here it is  what I did...just a quick texture. 
For me, it is easier and more intuitive to do in Mari than in Zbrush. Although I recognize that it as a lot of bugs and it's crashing all the time.

Hoje, tive a oportunidade de "brincar" com o Mari. Aqui está o que eu fiz ...  uma textura simples.

Achei que Mary é mais fácil e intuitivo de aprender do que o Zbrush. Embora reconheço que ainda esteja um pouco aquém, porque ainda apresenta muitos bugs,  está sempre a ir abaixo, entre outras limitações técnicas.



  1. Hi,

    My name is Jack Greasley and I'm product manager for Mari at the Foundry. If you have a moment could you let me know what problems you were having, what GPU and driver version you're using and which version of Mari you tested?



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