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(2 month pre-production + 3 month production + learning all  the softwares at the same time).

NCCA Master Project (MA 3D Computer Animation - NCCA Bournemouth University 2011/2012.
This project tells the story of Blue, a boy who is trying to overcome a huge obstacle – to reach the top of a cliff. After managing to overcome the hard escalade, Blue eventually reaches the top. However, there are other stranger, bigger dangers awaiting him that he could have never known of.
This adventure story is going to be told in the form of a stylized 3D animation and in an implied way talks about appearances and the difficulties in life.

- ANIWOW! 2012 Festival (Beijing - China) - Passed till the last fase of the competition
- MONSTRA 2013 (Lisbon - Portugal)

Featured in 3D Artist Magazine

Softwares used: XSI Softimage, Adobe Photoshop, Mari, ZBrush, Nuke, Adobe Premiere
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