Hello Everybody!  Olá a todos

I have been quite away from my pc since I came back to Portugal.Tenho estado um pouco ausente do meu computador desde que voltei.
But I decided that now was the time for me to come back better than ever! Be prepared! Mas tenho novidades para todos.

Here i tis what I have beend doing in the last month… art book wise. Mas para já aqui fica o que tenho andado a ler nos últimos meses:

First of all I thank my coleagues back at Frontier Developments that offer me 3 amazing books that I loved and I’ll never forget!/
Deixo, desde já,  um grande agradecimentos aos meus colegas da Frontier que me ofereceram 3 livro que adorei!

Techincal book:

- "how to write for animation"

 this is one of them and I fully recommended. 
este é um deles que já está completamente lido e que recomendo vivamente aos interessados pelo tema)

 -  "The animator producer's handbook"
(I haven't had time to fully read it yet but it seems to cover all the essencial aspect)

Comic books:

  - “Friends with boys” is ok… I feel that the story need a strongers highs and lows but it’s a good read for a Sunday afternoon is you have nothing else to do /nada de jeito…

- “Brain Camp” is boring, it is suppose to scary a little… but no… the rawing have the same style as the previous book but the story is worse. / ainda pior.

- “Anya’s Ghost” this one is very good! It has the highs and lows that a story needs./Este sim! Vale a pena!

-“The last of us – American Dreams” I’m a fan of the game so I couldn0t resist in buying the comic! The story is good, but if you played the DLC you should know… the drawing are not as good the cover unfortunately J Para os fãs eu recomendo!

- “Baby Blues no.1” Finally I got the first of manys! This kind of books always live you with a good humor. /Mais um para a colecção que me deixa de bom humor.

- “Amarillo Black Sadalthough I have to make a huge effort to understand the French that I almost don’t remember is still has an exciting story as usual and amazing drawings. This one should be in anyones collection! /Black Sad devia ser obrigatório em qualquer colecção!

Art Books:


“Last of us”
“Wakfu making of”

“Monsters University”


Last of Us - ( I don’t know if you noticed but I’m quite crazy about this one.eheheh.)

I loved this game. For me, Last of us is a movie with a game in it and not a  game with a story. Usually I don’t really like playing this kind of “boy” games because you need to be fast and have cold blood to shoot write away to kill the enemy… usually I loose because I get to nervous, because I need to shoot fast and I cannot catch the enemy and then I loose… and then I try again and loose till I give up. Lol! Althought, in Last of Us I always felt kind of nervous and irritated because I also need to shoot… it was ok because the STORY!!! OMG! The story was amazing, very well told and you could really connect with the characted and empathize with them.

After I finished Last of Us I wanted to find a similar game that could give me the same experience and everybody insisted for me to try Uncharted. I was convinced it was not the same thing, but everybody was saying it was from the same company therefore was quite similar…. WRONG!


UnchartedAlthough I haven’t finished it yet I can tell everybody that this game is not closer to the experecience Last of Us will give. First of all you do not connect or empathize with the character right away.. you just sympathize… I don’t feel the urgent need of wanting to know what’s going to happen next…
This game is similar to Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider games (at least the old versions), the puzzles the level it self is more important than the story. 


Ni no Ku ni-  I’m still at the beginning so I cannot say much. I don’t understand yet why it was so popular when it came out… for now, for me.. it is, still, just an RPG (which I like) but is not the same love I had for Kingdom Hearts…. Inspite of that It’s very colorfull and pretty (need to see the movie).


Walkind Dead (1st Season)- This one is also very good. I never played or watched horror movies with zombies because I hate looking at it but I quite like the TV series (although they are not telling us much…everything happens too slow) and the game is very good in telling an interesting story. Next plan: Play the 2nd season


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